Value Addition Projects

Value addition to products stands out among the management strategies recommended for increasing the competitiveness of rural business. Its main goal is to set a product apart from those usually found in the market.

We provide agribusiness companies with advisory and consulting services for the development of their Value Addition Projects.

We operate from the project's initial stage: financial viability analysis, production structure setup, licensing, production, industrialization, and product placement in the market. Our partners include the industry's benchmark companies and institutions.

This solution allows producers to develop new markets and more solidly position their products in an increasingly more demanding market, thereby increasing their profitability.

  • Find market opportunities;
  • Enable producers to implement, operate and step into new markets;
  • Branch out a product's end-uses and presentation;
  • Allow producers to operate in market niches whose potential is untapped or demand is not supplied;
  • Increased profitability from a given product;
  • Decreased risks from differentiation.