Waste Cutback Plan

Our Waste Cutback Plans are tools meant to improve performance and profitability, and guarantee sustained, continuous growth.

Main activities carried out:

  • Mapping the production system;
  • Identifying critical issues;
  • Setting up an in-house committee;
  • Designing an incentive policy to reduce waste;
  • Evaluating all of the company's costs, and making suggestions to improve and/or reverse undesirable results;
  • Implementing control and improvement measures;
  • Designing a plan to prevent recurring losses in the production process.

Production-related expenses:

  • Resource optimization;
  • Decreased waste from machinery;
  • Control and reduction of input losses.

Non production-related expenses:

  • Matrix analysis of administrative expenses.

Power costs:

  • Analysis and reduction of power costs;
  • Energy efficiency control and planning.