Livestock Systemic Management

System-wide management based on the pillars of beef cattle farming (nutrition, health, breeding, genetics, handling). Production and economic indicators are analyzed to make the production system competitive, profitable, and sustainable in the short-, medium-, and long-terms.

We provide expert consulting services on:

  • Evolution of beef and dairy livestock systems;
  • Crop-animal husbandry integration systems;
  • Bank loan projects via the ABC Program – Low Carbon Emission Farming.

Our solutions comprise:

  • Describing the work needs and goals;
  • Running a diagnosis of the current production system and charting directions for the business;
  • Operating team training;

Designing the Farming and Animal Husbandry Master Plan, which includes the following plans:

  • Targets and Actions;
  • Integrated Production;
  • Annual Forage;
  • Breeding;
  • Health;
  • Sales;
  • Financial;
  • Result Analysis.

According to each system's needs, we implement management tools to control and map results.


Study of the local situation

Our work is carried out individually and focused on each farm.


We do not make use of pre-designed technology packages.