Smart Fertilizer Management

The high investments in fertilizers may account for 30% of production costs in annual crops. Identifying the nutritional needs and respective quantities to be used in more fertile areas and low-fertility fields is essential in high-technology crops.

In turn, fertilizer prices may fluctuate up to 20% in the course of a year.

Agrobiz is bringing the market a complete, comprehensive solution that combines in depth knowledge of plant nutrition and the fertilizer market. We monitor the entire process developed to analyze your crop's current situation and production potential.

Our SFM solution leads to greater savings, and ensures farmers' competitiveness and efficacy.

  • Optimized production from fine-tuning crop fertility;
  • Rational use of inputs;
  • Valuable advice on the type and quality of the fertilizer to be used;
  • Enables the ideal application management;
  • Higher rate of correct purchases, which significantly decreases fertilizer acquisition costs;
  • Makes it possible to find and work at the top productivity level that is economically viable for the farm.