Leader and Team Development

This solution makes it possible to develop leaders and work teams in order to create a collaborative environment within companies, so they may achieve better results.

What is LTD about?

LTD comprises designing a tailored, customized project, based on a previous diagnosis, which makes it possible to develop leaders and work teams according to each company's specific needs.

At the end of each project, the client is provided with a report containing the main development points observed.

  • Gets people thinking about their behavior, which facilitates the process of change;
  • Improves the communication process, which is the basis for people's interaction;
  • Makes room for potential leaders' behavior to emerge;
  • Creates a favorable environment for exchange between people;
  • Increases employee engagement;
  • Operates as a motivating agent;
  • Work teams have an easier time solving the company's everyday problems;
  • Allows heterogeneous groups to form and get to know one another;
  • Builds bonds of trust and brings people closer.

The LTD Work Method
“All genuine education comes about through experience.” (John Dewey)

LTD is an education program that makes use of experience as a way of learning. Through hands-on activities, we allow participants to think about their behavior and possibilities of change while relating that to the company's everyday operations, which facilitates the learning process.

The program seeks to turn the place where the work is carried out into a facilitator of learning by getting all participants involved.

The Experiential Methodology

The LTD work method is based on the experiential methodology principles, which fosters learning through practice. We use world-renowned AEE (Association for Experiential Education), as our reference.

“Tell me, I'll forget. Show me, I'll remember. Involve me, I'll understand.” Chinese proverb

Our methodology is designed for the various hierarchical levels within an organization to secure the desired results in terms of the employees' individual growth and improved performance.

  • Employees motivated to participate;
  • Accessible language for all company levels;
  • Easier learning;
  • Improved individual and collective results;
  • Creation of a learning environment that is:

A learning environment should be:

  • Meaningful (individuals build their own learning);
  • Stimulating (a sense of great discoveries);
  • Encouraging (emphasizing mutual help to see changes as opportunities);
  • Satisfying (for requiring people to make use of their potential and for us to obtain better results in term of people's development).